In order to maximise the potential for value engineering, which is a key benefit of Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF) structures and the Intelligent Steel process, it is important that this is considered as early as possible in the design process, preferably at planning stage to gain maximum benefit. Intelligent Steel Solutions will work through value engineering options along with your team.


Our skilled design team is capable of delivering detailed drawings which include GA, sections, elevations, details and accompanying IFC models, among other things. These are certified by our in-house engineers, will be generated in accordance with client programme and Quality Assurance systems.

Intelligent Steel Solutions blends together industry-leading technology and manufacturing know-how along with passion and experience to deliver a bespoke and highly personal journey to project completion.


Intelligent Steel has a 5 state-of-the art Howick framing machines and a 300-tonne 4m CNC press. Design data is transferred from our software to these machines. The manufacturing process is zero waste to landfill – the small amount of steel offcuts/process waste is fully recycled.


Lorries are loaded efficiently, and unloading is made easy as elements are bundled accordingly. Transport, as well as efficient offloading times in line with site traffic. All fixings are supplied, carefully labelled and boxed.


Intelligent Steel has long-standing relationships with installation partners across the UK. LSF components are light, inert and waste-free in installation and they can be installed in most weather conditions. Structural elements include integral edge protection.